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About Us

InterSources Inc was founded in 2007 as a solution hub to help clients with intelligent data across various domains and industries. We are a Global Software Consultancy solving complex problems with technology. We have expertise in areas covering Artificial Intelligence, Techstack Migration, Custom Software Development, Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security Services, etc. We also have expert resources on Content Management, Machine/Deep Learning, Enterprise Applications, and more.

We align strategy with execution, helping our clients to strengthen their core technologies, enabling them to scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences. We partner with our clients to continuously evolve their core architecture and enable an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals.  

Over the years, we have built products on Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Solutions, and Artificially Intelligent products; simplifying and transforming the way business intelligence and data analytics empower Corporations and end users. We leverage Software like GCP, AWS, Tensorflow, Tableau, etc. to bring the latest tools in order to provide the best insights and solutions a business could use for insights or for the betterment of their product. 

In the process of solutions, we have enabled companies to use data analytics to help better understand, predict, and influence consumer behavior, identify new market opportunities as they emerge, provide users the data they need, alert the user when and why key business metrics have changed and enable them to make smart decisions. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable results and are committed to providing best-in-class services.  


We also are a Google Cloud partner company. We provide complete Google Cloud Platform services and support right from planning, deployment, migration, billing, and security. We have experience in providing services for all domains like Banking & Finance,Insurance, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment. 

Our Vision and Values

300% Growth year after year

Continuous growth is a real testimonial to define our success by our clients. In order to innovate, we have to be thirsty enough to value our clients, our internal talented employees, our stakeholders and our investors. Our Daily work is defined on the parameter of understanding and evaluating our Future success’

Employee & Women Empowerment

We feel that if given the freedom to act and innovate, empowered individuals can get fruitful results, under proper governance and by placing the team’s reputation and project success before personal goals.
We believe in “Reputation Before Revenue”.

Communicate with Clear Conscience

Communication on an elaborative and clear way with heart, mind and Soul focused towards Project goals and individual goals is our core value.


Why InterSources Inc ?

  • Better understanding of your clients, consumers and end users.
  • Create new revenue streams by identifying avenues to monetize your Big Data.
  • Develop Software products in Mobile Application, healthcare and financial services industry.
  • Offer enterprise wide insights and provide timely insights from the vast amounts of data.
  • Create and store more transactional data in digital form.
  • Real-time monitoring and forecasting of events that impact either business performance or operation.
  • Speed up your new product development life cycle powered by intelligent data analysis.
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    Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX experiences, by crafting top-notch user experience.

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