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Nubi Data Analytics

WhiskOne Analytics is the only software provider focusing on Pharmaceutical Industry to seamlessly integrate the industry’s standard data analytics capabilities into a comprehensive risk assessment, audit management, issue tracking and remediation workflow with powerful visualization and dashboarding. Enhance the quality and coverage of your work, reduce the time you spend on low-value tasks and free your time to concentrate on the highest-risk areas with modern software that is designed for the way you work.


Highly customizable and feature-rich graph axes, legend, marks, titles, and walls Powerful math parser supporting various built-in mathematical and text functions,

Including special functions such as Bessel, Beta, Gamma, Error, Hypergeometric Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Analyze your production cost, Quality cost, departmental manufacturing cost, conversion cost price, cost per thousand, Material cost variance using this KPI in seconds.

Financial Analysis Get the Expense summary by different Plants. Compare the expense Actual Vs expense budget. Also view the balance sheet and income statement using graphical presentation

Inventory analysis Track the top 5 products in over all inventory holding including moving stock, rejected stock, blocked stock, vendor consignment stock and written off.

Sales analysis Generate analysis by Product family, Product hierarchy, Customer Segment, Product Segment and Distribution Channel for the Month, For the Quarter and For the Year.

We have worked with some of the top pharmaceutical companies, helping them enhance their customer management, promotions and market research initiatives, aimed at maximizing profitability. This is why It’s going to work for you:

Our analytics methodology for customers in pharmaceutical industry recognizes the complexity of interactions between key stakeholders.

Segmentation and Targeting Analysis

Promotions Planning and Returns Analysis

Sales and Promotions Tracking

Resource and Investment Optimization

Market Research Analysis

Maintain complete backups of all transmittals for 30 days

Marketing Activities

  • Design Promotional Message

  • Deliver Message

  • Develop Contract and rebate Structure

Analytics Techniques

  • Message Effectiveness analysis

  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Contract optimization

Marketing Activities

  • Identify targets

  • Care provider

  • Payers

  • Patients

  • Plan promotion

Analytics Techniques

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Value based

  • Behavioral

  • Patient Data based

  • Sales force Optimization

  • Call Planning

  • Marketing

  • Mix Optimization


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