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Simplified Workflow Automation With AI.

Exynos PI

Pi is our suite of AI tools for healthcare and medical organizations to process and analyze huge amount of unstructured data like medical reports, transcriptions and more.

With Pi, you can do advanced text analytics and perform text classification, topic modeling, data summarization, clustering and keyword analysis on your clinical data.

Exynos Omega

Omega is our RPA platform that can automate your medical data entry, simplify patient records, split huge raw files into different medical documents, auto-generate reports and more.

Omega lets you automate your end-to-end processes by removing the need of manual intervention, leading to improved data accuracy.


With Pi Studio, you can input terabytes of raw, unprocessed medical records in multiple formats and our data wrangling engine will structure the data for you.

You can search for keywords in handwritten or scanned documents, get text summaries from a huge text corpus, cluster the text based on topic similarity or just use it to extract raw text information with just a click of a button.


Exynos AI bots can extract all the pieces of information that you want from your raw, scanned documents by leveraging our powerful AI, and automatically enter that in your excel sheets.

This helps you reduce data entry errors to near-zero and helps you use your human capital for more efficient tasks.

If you have huge raw files that need to be split into multiple, individual medical records and then re-arranged to create new reports – our AI bots can help you.

Using advanced Computer Vision and NLP, our bots can classify multiple documents from a single raw file, edit, split, re-order and merge PDFs to generate new reports with a single click.


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