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Data Parsing

Data Mining and Data Parsing with DataPact offers a wealth of options and techniques not available in competing products. These features can be critical to maximize ROI in a competitive environment



Data Mining Drill down into individual groups or individual devices from global views or servers using the power of interactive and informative reports.

Build Your Own Dream Dashboard A single interactive and informative dashboard for all your data.

See the Big picture Make faster and well-informed business decisions by seeing all your data on one platform.

Automate your reporting: Enjoy automatically updated, real time analytics, and save yourself from the hassle of manual reporting.

Prepare data for reports, Structure data into forms useful for preparing reports, presentations, visualization, and or/ and down stream processing.


We help wrangling of data in Hadoop, by giving each user to discover, clean, validate and publish data without installing or configuring any piece of software.

We help in preparation and visualization of every individual data set in a fast and seamless manner.

Consolidate data with other publisher data for single file delivery

Package data per each distributor’s requirements

Match up with any distributor’s file format for delivery

Maintain complete backups of all transmittals for 30 days

Advanced visualization and analytical capabilities for transformed data that has been exported downstream.

“DataPact is the most versatile data mining tool available, giving you all the right tools to gain critical business/process insights quickly, and to act on those insights for instant ROI“

“DataPact augments Big Data environments by adding the capability to collect and transform large quantities of external and mostly unstructured web data into a structured data feed“


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