Ridiculously Simple

The Intelligent Insight dashboard is elegantly user-friendly. A unique data annotation feature offers context for charts for effortless comprehension of key trends and events that influence the data. An intrinsic web interface accounts for real-time data as well as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trends for key metrics.

Analytics that grab your attention (Eye-Catching Analytics/ Mesmerizing Analytics)

Intelligent Insight guarantees that crucial changes are never overlooked, irrespective of either number of metrics tracked by the organization or frequency of those metrics change. An elaborately elegant alerting system generates swift alerts when peculiar values are recorded for pivotal metrics. The dashboard is designed to promptly highlight items that require attention to let users know the metrics that have had consequential changes. Innovative email digests and reporting slide-shows ensure that major changes in key metrics are never overlooked.


Gentle on your source system

Intelligent Insight’s unique architecture supports incremental data collection. Only new data is extracted from source systems and reporting activity is completely de-coupled from data sourcing. It is often possible to build new analytics without having to first extract and load the source data into a data warehouse. This capability dramatically reduces the lead-time for new report development and enables up-to-the-minute metrics to be developed without crushing source systems.

No Installation & Administration Headache

Instant Insight is delivered as a turn-key solution and can be remotely administered by Metric Insights to make life easier for your systems and database administration staff.


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