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Our Experience in Oracle AI/BI

Our InterSources Inc. practice has been a pioneer in deploying AI/BI solutions to large/mid-size corporations, enabling them to consolidate data from various sources and present it in a manner that is customizable to each user. This access to relevant data in a more useful format allows knowledge workers within their respective areas of expertise to make better and more timely business decisions.

We only hire experienced consultants. Our consulting staff averages 5 years of experience working with BI/AI applications. As an organization, InterSources Inc has:

Benefits of Oracle AI/BI

The better you know your data, the more successful your organization will be. Real-time results, AI-based recommendations, increased speed, and digital assistants are a few capabilities our experts can deliver.

Our Oracle AI/BI Services Portfolio

It’s no secret why InterSources Inc. has become a leader in the implementation of business intelligence applications. Our AI/BI practice is built upon those attributes’ clients value most:

Proven Methodology

Our PrecisionFit® Methodology is designed to maximize user involvement and input through a process of iterative prototyping.


Our consultants have both the technical knowledge and functional background to help deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs. 

Breadth of Knowledge

Because InterSources Inc. also implements major ERP and CRM applications, we understand the supporting applications that are integral to a comprehensive business intelligence solution.


Smaller, more highly qualified consultant teams working more efficiently, combined with reasonable billing rates, help InterSources Inc. deliver world-class results in an economical manner.

We support the following Oracle applications to help optimize your business:

Our Methodology

InterSources Inc.’s proprietary PrecisionFit® methodology enables project team members to deliver value faster to the business. Our iterative approach allows end-users and administrators to experience and interact with Oracle Cloud functionality throughout all stages of the project. Benefits include: Valuable feedback on solution design early in the project, reduced training needs due to frequent client engagement, faster user adoption and faster deployment.

PrecisionFit® also has project accelerators that expedite certain phases of the project so clients can spend more time focusing on high risk areas or simply choose to deploy the solution faster to the business.