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At InterSources Inc., as a part of our business method – “Customer Success” or ”Customer Success Management ”, we attempt to increase the likelihood of the customers reaching their desired outcomes while using our products and services.

Our CSM program provides guidance on:

  • How to define different tiering for CSM or scaled CSM assignments?
  • What profiles to hire for as per your requirements?
  • CS services to be provided to customers.
  • How to scale strategy?
  • How to enable CSMs and Scaled CSMs?
  • What should a scaled CSM journey look like?
  • What are the objectives, outcomes, and success criteria for CSMs and scaled CSMs, and how to measure them for success?
  • What KPIs should be used to measure?

Scaled CSM

Scaling customer success also means dealing with an increasing number of customers. To manage volume, we work towards having repeatable systems and processes. Scale CSM’s work with customers either in 1:1 engagements for high-impact objectives or by running 1-to-many success programs to impact target customer groups and operationalize processes.