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Software Development

Ankit Shah
Posted by Ankit Shah
May 18, 2022

Google Cloud is on the winning edge, battling AWS - Azure in the red-hot PostgreSQL Space

Google Cloud’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL has moved into public preview, and as a Postgres-compatible, fully managed DBaaS (database-as-a-service), will take head-on the offerings from…

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Ankit Shah
Posted by Ankit Shah
August 30, 2020

Accelerated Information Technology @ InterSources Inc.

The new era of data has shown us how much information we can extract from the world around us, and use it to gain…

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Yash Varshney
Posted by Yash Varshney
August 7, 2020

Engineering Cross Platform Apps with React Native or Flutter

We at InterSources Inc. develop and deploy several applications each year. From cloud based solutions to PWAs and native applications, we engineer products that…

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