6 Useful Ways to Recruit the Best Match for The Right Tech Talent



Useful techniques to hire a good tech talent

Hiring the right talent has always been a challenging task for hiring managers, especially if you have to hire tech talent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 in the US alone there will be over one million computer science related jobs without qualified candidates to fill them.

Hiring managers have to use different options to find the best tech talent. Let’s know what digital strategies hiring managers can use to get good candidates.

  • College outreach: It is one of the old and simple ways to get good talent. Partnering with good colleges always helps to find suitable. Also, freshly pass out college graduates will bring new zeal and ideas on board.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is still one of the powerful tools for recruiters to connect and recruit a good candidate. You can also get the right candidate through one of your old connections. The candidate whom you hired in the past or his friend can also help you to fill a position. Also connecting to right linked groups can also help you out to reach out to potential recruits.
  • Online forums or sites: Online forums and communities can be a good option to find the right talent online. For e.g.: Stack overflow is one such Question and Answer site where you can find good programmers. Reddit, GitHub is some online platform where you can find tech candidates.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms are a great way for hiring managers to reach their target audience. Such platforms can help to hire managers to know more about candidates and it also gives us hiring managers an idea whether the candidate will be a good fit for a role or not. ( Social media advertising ) If you want to increase your job postings reach, then advertising on different social media platforms is always a good idea. Target advertising on Facebook, Twitter, etc. will help to reach the right target audience in less time.
  • Referral network: It is always a good option to take the help of current employees. Things such as Employee referral program will encourage current employees to refer to good candidates.
  • A good staffing agency: When it comes to recruiting a proper tech talent, a right IT recruiting agency plays an important role. Staffing agency uses different methods to sort out the best from a large no of candidates. Staffing agency with well-proven record always benefits to get good candidates in lesser time. Getting suitable candidates as per the requirements becomes easier by hiring a good IT staffing agency.

Coding and personality tests help to sort out the perfect candidates from a large pool of candidates.

Getting a good talent in Technology will never be easy, and as technology progresses, ways to reaching out to candidates will also keep on changing. Managers will have to keep them updated all the time.  Hence by using the aforementioned techniques hiring managers can fill different tech positions with well-qualified candidates in a timely manner.


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