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Accelerated Information Technology @ InterSources Inc.

The new era of data has shown us how much information we can extract from the world around us, and use it to gain insights and solve challenges like never before. We now have IoT devices collecting data all the way from weather, to room temperature, to even human heart rhythms! This new transformation however, has also brought along some unique yet daunting challenges that need better, more viable solutions to how we extract and store data. Let’s discuss what few of these challenges are and how we tackle them at InterSources Inc.

Impact of A.I. and Big Data on investing and asset management
Dealing with Data @ InterSources Inc.

Earlier problems in computing were faced mostly due to the pricing and the physical sizing of the technology. We solved that by advancing our manufacturing processes, developing better materials to support smaller physical sizes etc, but this is not the case with data. The ever increasing collection of data makes it very difficult to determine how much space would be used by this data. This is especially true for IoT and analytic companies, where data is the star of the show.

We have reached a level where petabytes of data is extracted, cleaned and manipulated every continuous second in our lives. This means more than 1 million gigabytes of data, harvested from thousands of disparate IT systems, internet sources, and multimillion sensor networks. At this scale, the collection and storage of data becomes one big problem, while communicating and manipulating that data becomes another big problem. Such is faced by many Fortune 500 companies, where the magnitude of the problem becomes exponentially higher due to the fragmentation of petabytes of data across 1000s of systems containing records like customer, dealer, claims, ordering, pricing, product design etc. Such records are being created, deleted and updated by thousands, if not millions of people every single second.

Extracting and sending these bits of data every single second or more, used to be a very expensive and highly expertised job. Designing such sensors and enabling real time communication used to be a big challenge back in the day, however we now have inexpensive sensors and credit card-sized AI supercomputers interconnected by fast networks provide the infrastructure to dramatically transform organizations into real-time adaptive enterprises.

A key challenge for organizations is how to bring together and leverage these technologies to create meaningful value and get a positive return on investment. For now, let us say there is much good news for organizations embarking on digital transformation-robust tools and expert knowledge are now available to dramatically accelerate digital transformation efforts and ensure successful outcomes. We at InterSources have helped multiple companies and businesses to grow and scale in terms of digital and technological transformation. We’re experts at bringing legacy systems up to date and synced with the cloud. We have talent across the globe working on large scale Cloud, Web and other computing platforms.