InterSources Inc to Launch BI Analytics Product for HealthCare/Pharmaceutical Industry


InterSourcesInc BI Analytics project for Pharma & Manufacturing industry. We will examine the relationship between firm size and research productivity in the pharmaceutical industry. Using detailed internal firm data, we find that larger research efforts are more productive, not only because they enjoy economies of scale, but also because they realize economies of scope by sustaining diverse portfolios of research projects that capture internal and external knowledge spillovers. In pharmaceuticals, economies of scope in research are important in shaping the boundaries of the firm, and it may be worth tolerating the static efficiency loss attributable to the market power of large firms in exchange for their superior innovative performance.

BI analytics product for Pharma and Manufacturing industry which will help customer to get KPI on their fingertips and on-time using new technology devices (iPad, iPhone, Tablets).The product is data mining tool for performance optimization, Roles and Security model for data security and data persistency.

For Product Demo and Tour, please email at info@intersourcesinc.com or call 5109317200 X 101