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Functional Business Analyst transitioning to BI Analyst.


It is a given that BI Reporting (Tableau,MicroStrategy, Business Objects),Big Data and Hadoop are gaining momentum towards attaining the top spot in the business in the present day. Analysts play a vital role in interpreting and deciphering the analytically challenging tasks on a project. In this world of terabytes and petabytes, wherein humongous volumes of […]

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Open source JS frameworks


Lots of our employees are asked about variety of frameworks in their Job Interviews. This will help a lot of job Seekers to understand the details in a better way. Ember.js – Attempts to remove tedious boilerplate code. Includes a templating engine (no one will agree on just one), encourages an architecture where the browser […]

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InterSources Inc to Launch BI Analytics Product for HealthCare/Pharmaceutical Industry


InterSourcesInc BI Analytics project for Pharma & Manufacturing industry. We will examine the relationship between firm size and research productivity in the pharmaceutical industry. Using detailed internal firm data, we find that larger research efforts are more productive, not only because they enjoy economies of scale, but also because they realize economies of scope

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